West Wales: A Musical Journey Through Countryside and Industry

As the gentle chords of “West Wales” begin to play, a sense of tranquility washes over the listener. This slow and ambient piece of music is a heartfelt tribute to the stunning Welsh countryside and its rich industrial heritage. Read more

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Lost piano score

Here’s my entry for the “WestWood Instruments” The Lost Piano scoring competition.

The competition was to add a score to a short film.

I tried to keep this score light, bringing in piano as the hero when it was needed.

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I Can Fly!

This weeks project was to write a piece of uplifting music that would inspire and motivate the listener. I used a selection of pre recorded vocals from a sample library, I was a bit skeptical at first but it Read more

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Writing Stargirl score

I had great fun working on this new score, in the Spitfire auto competition. It was my first time working on a project like this and I hope it will be the start of bigger things.

The competition was Read more

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