Punk is not dead

In the smoky, dimly lit basement of a gritty downtown club, the punk band takes the stage. Their instruments are battered, their clothes torn, and their hair wild. As the first chords erupt, the room trembles with raw energy. Read more

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Art V’s. Design: Exploring Their Unique Worlds

Art and design are two creative fields that often intersect, yet they hold distinct characteristics and purposes. Understanding the difference between them enriches our appreciation of both and highlights their unique contributions to our world.s

Core Essence

Art is Read more

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Echoes from underground


Immerse yourself in the evocative series of acrylic paintings inspired by a transformative visit to ‘The Big Pit’, a living testament to the coal mining communities of Wales. This collection of seven Read more

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Unveiling the Spiritual Animal Guides Series: A Splash of Vibrance and Wisdom

In the realm of art, there’s an ever-present desire to connect with something deeper than the surface. A desire to tap into the mystical, the spiritual, and the unseen. With this intention in mind, I am thrilled to introduce Read more

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Angel Day.

I thought my art was going to be all about animals, but today it went in a different direction. I sat at the canvas and before I knew what was happening I was looking at this blue Angel. Not Read more

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